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Saturday, June 9, 2012

[mukto-mona] Does Fox Hire Uninformed Pundits—or Does Being on Fox Make You Uninformed?

    For all of us progressive Muslims who have been fighting Islamic fundamentalism for years, in the USA and in the various Muslim-majority countries, this kind of State-funded surveillance of Muslims is frustratingly counter-productive. It falls very snuggly in the ready-hands of ICNA, CAIR, MSA and other Islamist organizations of America, and there is nothing we can do other than wring hands. It is difficult to make progressive Americans, like Michael Moore (who supported the Ground Zero Mosque idea), understand the fine differences and the clever political ploys of the 'multiculturalist' lobbysts cloaking their Islamic Khilafat fascist agenda.  The Election year has brought on a new, sharper edge to the Islamophobia of the Right Wing Republicans.

                                                         Farida Majid

Does Fox Hire Uninformed Pundits—or Does Being on Fox Make You Uninformed?

On the popular Fox News show the Five (6/6/12), co-host Eric Bolling blasted Muslim advocates who are suing the New York Police Department over its spying program targeting Muslims, saying that in the last 15 years, "Every terrorist on American soil has been a Muslim."

In fact, Muslims are responsible for a tiny fraction of terrorism in the U.S.; as a Rand study pointed out in 2010 (Extra!, 5/11), of the "83 terrorist attacks in the United States between 9/11 and the end of 2009, only three…were clearly connected with the jihadist cause."

Bolling has made a habit of broadcasting false information about terrorism in the U.S.  Last year (7/13/11), he bizarrely claimed that there hadn't been any terrorism on American soil when George W. Bush was in office. He later (7/14/11) amended that to say "in the aftermath of 9/11"–which is equally untrue (FAIR Blog, 7/15/11).

Studies have suggested a correlation between primarily relying on Fox News for your information about the world and ignorance about basic facts. Those studies do not address whether the relationship is causal—in other words, it isn't clear if watching Fox News makes one ignorant, or if less-informed people are somehow drawn to Fox News. Eric Bolling's popularity on Fox does not clear up that question.

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