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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Re: [mukto-mona] Re: [Politiconomy] Harrassment of Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed

Member Deeldar,

So are you comfortable with how Prof, Abdullah Abu Sayeed was treated by our MPs?

But then again, it is free speech vs free speech.

>>>>>>> Nope. The concept of "Free Speech" has it's limitations. You cannot go around and accuse an innocent man (Or woman) of stealing your shift and call it "Free speech". In most US universities they talk about these "Limitations". One common example is used about shouting fire in a public place (Like Movie theater) and create panic among people. If anyone tries to do that, police will bring charges against those idiots.

Similarly our "Law Makers" were elected by our PEOPLE to lead us. If our own leaders are not tolerant of any constructive criticism or suggestions, then we are in serious trouble. A respected teacher like Prof. Sayeed devoted his life to make "Enlightened people". I am really sad to watch how he was abused by our law makers (By mistake!!). Prof. actually did not attack or insult all law makers, so it was unwarranted to say the least. 

One person can make a mistake. Why did so many law makers had to follow this person? It did not damage Prof. Sayeed but shown our own lack of values among our leaders. Did any one apologized to the good professor for making this "Mistake"?

Democracy requires many sacrifices. One of them is our bad/unfair manners.

Being elected as law maker is an honorable position. I hope our respected law makers will make an effort to make it easy for us to respect them. I'll be very sad if majority of our population thinks badly about our MPs.


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Prof. Dewan

"when thieves or dacoits steal or rob, we don't say they engaged in a corrupt practice. But if a minister on oath pledges something and fails to fulfill his/her pledge, then it is a matter of principle, or lack of it. This then becomes an abuse of principle." (Quote from Daily Star}

Many half-witted Bangladeshi parliamentarians would rather react fast to a comment rather than understanding what has been really said. Professor was clever to use a singular number rather than generalizing all parliamentarians being corrupt and bad. I think they did not get the message. I hope they understand their mistake and extend a apology to the professor. But then again, it is free speech vs free speech.

However, I do not like Clarence Thomas "high tech lynching" analogy in Professor Sayeed's case. That is basically comparing oranges with apples. The man was not seeking any life long judgeship in our Supreme Court while Mr. Thomas was going for life long tenure and legitimately, he was a fair game. We would never know what he did or did not do to Ms. Hill but he has been proven to be a total disaster for US supreme court. The man has not asked a single question in US Supreme court since his appointment. The man is basically a brainless rubber stamp guy and I wish he were not in the SC. A real conservative guy would have a far better choice. Thank you.
-Shah. D
"All great truths begin as blasphemies." GBS

The ruling party elites in the past humiliated only Bangladeshi respectable Professor and Grameen founder noble winner Dr. Mohhammad Yunus,
now they are doing the same to distinguished respectable Professor Abdullah Abu Said. If you donot believ in Awami/Baksaliiu idiology and criticize Awami action you will be humilated no exception.
They became Ma-Bap of Bangladesh. They never accept their responsibility nor apologize for their stake, this is their charecteristic.Morever, they are criticizing the Justices who are doing the right thing.

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Subject: [Politiconomy] Harrassment of Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 17:35:54 -0400 (EDT)

This article is about how ruling alliance MPs humiliate national figures like Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed.
The article is attached and the link is also given below:  
Abdullah A. Dewan
M.Sc.(Phys), M.S.(nuclr. engr)
Professor of Economics
Eastern Michigan University, USA

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