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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[mukto-mona] Fw: [KHABOR] No trial if I had joined AL--Kamaruzzaman accuses a few AL leaders of war crimes--from daily star report

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Subject: Re: [KHABOR] No trial if I had joined AL--Kamaruzzaman accuses a few AL leaders of war crimes--from daily star report

Mr. S.A. Hannan shahib

7 charges against  Jamaat leader Muhammad Kamaruzzaman   are:

At this stage of trial, he was supposed to make his PLEA STATEMENT :
i.e.  Guilty or Not Guilty ...... As per procedure he will get his chance to
defend himself and make arguments in his favor.... 
But, Muhammad Kamaruzzaman tried to make the water murky ....
Jamaat leader Muhammad Kamaruzzaman was involved in the field
operations and killing missions  with the backing of the occupation army.

For sure, Jamaat leader Muhammad Kamaruzzaman is charged because
he was a leading  member of armed Al-Bodor Bahini and actively 
participated killing un-armed people and rapes ....

Mr. S.A. Hannan, although, in 1971,  you were a staunch supporter of the
Pakistani occupation regime engaged in genocide and mass-rapes,
and currently one of the dedicated Jamaati think-tank, you are not charged 
or facing trial  ( even though you did not join)...., because there is no
indication or evidence that you were involved in field-level Al-Bodor
operations (killing missions).

Neither, AK Faizul Huq, son of Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Huq,
nor Nurul Islam of Jamalpur  had joined the Al-Bodor Bahini
or  were active in the killing fields of 1971Bangladesh...

As mentioned in the Daily Star report Mohammad Kamruzzaman
"was president of the Jamaat-e-Islami's student wing Islami Chhatra 
Sangha in greater Mymensingh in 1971. He played a key role in forming Al 
Badr Bahini with some students of Ashek Mahmud College.

Syed Aslam


Ghulam Azam hailed Pak army atrocities

ছাত্র সংঘ' নাম পাল্টিয়ে 'বাংলাদেশ ইসলামী ছাত্রশিবির' নামে যাত্রা শুরু করে:

রাজাকার-আলবদর বাহিনী গড়ার হোতা গোলাম আযম:

On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 11:11 PM, S A Hannan <> wrote:
Front Page/Daily Star

No trial if I had joined AL

Angry Kamaruzzaman accuses a few AL leaders of war crimes

Julfikar Ali Manik and Tuhin Shubhra Adhikary
Jamaat leader Muhammad Kamaruzzaman yesterday told the International Crimes Tribunal-2 that he could have evaded trial for war crimes had he joined the Awami League.Kamaruzzaman, senior assistant secretary general of the Jamaat-e-Islami, made the remark when the tribunal asked if he pleaded guilty or not.
Ignoring the judges' objection to making any political speech in court, he said, "There were similar allegations against Faizul Huq and Nurul Islam of Jamalpur. But they have not been brought to justice; rather they were made ministers as they joined the Awami League."AK Faizul Huq, son of Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Huq, served as state minister for jute and textiles during the 1996-2001 tenure of the Awami League government. He passed away in 2007.Moulana Nurul Islam was state minister for religious affairs during the tenure of the same AL government. He is no longer involved in politics.
The International Crimes Tribunal-2 yesterday framed charges against Kamaruzzaman for crimes against humanity during the Liberation War.The Jamaat leader, however, denied the charges and claimed he was innocent. He suggested that others, including a brother of State Minister for Law Qamrul Islam, should be brought to book for their involvement in crimes against humanity. "State Minister Qamrul Islam's brother Hafez Moulana Azizul Islam was a Razakar, and the question of his trial also arises."Asked whether his brother had links with Razakars, State Minister for Law Qamrul Islam told The Daily Star, "I don't know."
Kamaruzzaman said many judges, university teachers and government officials pledged allegiance to the then Pakistan government in 1971."Thirty one intellectuals, including Professor Kabir Chowdhury, issued a statement in support of Pakistan [during the Liberation War]. But they were not brought to book," he told the tribunal.Kamaruzzaman, who was a college student in 1971, said, "There is no instance in history that a higher secondary student has been tried for crimes against humanity," Referring to the trial of Charles Taylor and Augusto Pinochet, he said those who had been tried for such crimes were state leaders.Kamaruzzaman yesterday termed the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 1973 a "black law." He and other accused of 1971 war crimes are now being tried under this act.He said the Awami League was out to establish fascist rule in the country. Though the Jamaat leader was supposed to only plead, the court gave him five minutes after he sought time from the court to say a few words. He also mentioned that Tribunal-1 had allowed the accused to make speeches.At one point of his speech, one of the three judges interrupted him and said it was not a place where the Jamaat leader could give a political speech. The judge told him that he would get the scope to defend himself later.As Kamaruzzaman continued with his speech, a judge asked police to take him away from the dock.When police officials approached the dock, Kamaruzzaman loudly told them, "Don't touch me."