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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

[mukto-mona] Bangladesh is under the threat of religious fundamentalists again

"Bangladesh is under the threat of religious fundamentalists again."

To-day a renowned secular activist writer Salam Azad was refused bail in a Blasphemy case lodged earlier at Bikrampur (Munshiganj) District couple of months before. The particular case is related to a book published six years ago in India named Bhanga Math (Broken Temple) while the writer was in exile.

The book broken temple contains facts about minority suffering in Bangladesh and grabbing of minority land by the majority Muslims. The truth about minority rights is never welcomed hear. The middle class Bangladeshi Muslims are the byproduct of partition and two nation theory. No matter what we say there is not one incident where minority lands were returned to its owner in any time.

Why fundamentalists took so long to react in the case of Salam Azad? All communal subversive activities are always generated from the political power house. If we look at past the great massacres of 1947, 1964 & 1971 where millions were sacrificed in India &Pakistan by the radical aliments with the full support of politicians. Radicalism never flourishes without the support of the government. Since there is a moderate political government in power in Bangladesh the radicals took little more time to react.

After the present political row with the World Bank and Grameen Bank radicalisms in Bangladesh politics has gained strength and will be strengthen further. Salam Azad wanted to protect a minority vested property named as Jadubaur Jamidar Bari located at Bikrampur from the local land grabber. These acts are very sensitive to the vested groups. One mid ranking local political leader from the ruling party has instigated fundamentalists to raise the issue of religion and ransack his village home there. Although there is no Blasphemy law exists in Bangladesh as such the case against Salam Azad don't have any legality in the eye of law.

The objective of the Blasphemy case is to terrorize Salam Azad and minorities vice versa. There are elements within government who will capitalize the issue alongside fundamentalists. In this case all majorities are the beneficiaries of any outcome.

The helpless wreakers have only prayer and good wishes for Salam Azad. Government will choose to remain silent in this issue with majority.

May God help Salam Azad?


July 15, 2012


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