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Saturday, June 27, 2015

[mukto-mona] Re: {PFC-Friends} Bande Mataram includes Muslims as part of Bangla Ma's Sontan (Children of Mother Bangla)

Hello?!  When did I say that Bande Matram was anti-Muslim?  Mr. Bain, you really have a problem with forgetting the context and what was actually said, don't you.  Let me remind you.  

You had mentioned that when Hindus heard chants of Allahu Akbar they knew that Muslims were coming to kill them.  (I am sure you are aware that Allahu Akbar means God is Great, it says nothing whatsoever about killing Hindus or anyone, and is not intended to be used that way, though the ISIS types routinely murder in God's name).

I pointed out to you that there were chants that Hindus used as well which struck fear in Muslims and Bande Matram was the Hindu chant that was used during riots too.  I never said that Bande Matram incited Hindus to kill Muslims so I don't know why you are putting words into my mouth.  

Please take a deep breath, the oxygen may help with greater comprehension :).

On Sat, Jun 27, 2015 at 9:54 AM, 'Sukhamaya Bain' via PFC-Friends <> wrote:
Bande Mataram includes Muslims as part of Bangla Ma's Sontan (Children of Mother Bangla) - so says Farida Majid in a post June 26, 2015, in the Mukto-Mona forum. Let me quote her, "I had posted a long, well-researched, linguistically analyzed article on Bankim's Bande Mataram, supporting the claim that the text of the song had nothing against Muslims, and in fact INCLUDES Muslims (as arithmetical half) as part of Bangla Ma's 'sontan'."
She also complained that Dr. Kamal Das, Dr. Jiten Roy and I did not remember her article. Let me say sorry to her for not remembering her article; I am actually not very good at remembering anything.
However, let me advise her that the three gentlemen's name she mentioned know that Bande Mataram is not a hate-song against the Muslims. I personally would not propose it in its entirety to be the national anthem of a pluralistic India. For that purpose, I would expunge the fourth and fifth stanzas, where Hindu deities and temples are invoked. As I wrote before, I can understand that many Muslims would not like this song as the national anthem; but this song certainly was not used for actually hating or hurting the Muslims.
The point is not really if the above three persons remember Ms. Majid's article. Ms. Majid needs to educate people like Ali Shaheen and the worse creatures in the forums and elsewhere.
BTW: Ms. Majid also did not like my statement that "she masquerades as a rational human being, but in reality her mind is subservient to the prescriptions of her religion, which obviously she cannot hide. I feel pity for her kind of people who, in spite of a good deal of academic accomplishment in humanities/sciences, remain captive to the stupidity and hatred of their religions."
Let me challenge Ms. Majid to prove me wrong. Ms. Majid, could you cite some verses in the Quran that should be actually discarded/disregarded? You need to tell the Muslims unequivocally, "these verses in the Quran are wrong; do not follow them."
Again, let me be clear that irrespective of what verses of the Quran are wrong and need to be discarded/disregarded, I wish nothing but the best for the Muslims. (That obviously means that I want them to live in an environment where they and the non-Muslims would treat each other with justice, dignity, human rights, citizenship rights, etc. - all the good things that all humans wish for themselves).
Sukhamaya Bain

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Posted by: Ali Shaheen <>

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