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Saturday, April 1, 2017

[mukto-mona] Re: my son

The best medicine for Pakistani Khizr Khan is not be used as a pawn of American politics. His son was an American hero but that does not mean that a good numbers of Muslims are not promoting global terrorism. He needs to understand that Trump winning the election is not a fluke. Many Americans have voted for Trump. Whether Trump would be the president or another Democrat to take over after him, things will not change unless Muslim moderates tame the radical self-injury-inflicting Muslims. Just chanting 'Islam is a religion of peace' would cut anymore. Khizr Khan's barefoot walking promise would only make things worse.


On Sat, Apr 1, 2017 at 12:56 AM, Rezaul Karim <> wrote:

On Mar 31, 2017 10:23 AM, "Khizr Khan" <> wrote:
I love this country.

My son died for this country.

But today, President Trump is tearing down everything that makes America great.

It's the fight of my life to stop him:

And I know taking back the House is the best way to do it.

I'd walk barefoot to every district in the country if it means Democrats win.

But I can't do it alone. I need you fighting with me too.

That's why I'm coming to you before tonight's End of Quarter Deadline.

Will you pitch in $19 to elect Democrats before midnight?


Triple match your $19 >>

Triple match your $25 >>

Triple match your $38 >>

Triple match your $63 >>

Triple match your $150 >>

Or triple match another amount >>

Thank you,

Khizr Khan

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