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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

[mukto-mona] Re: {PFC-Friends} Re: Subject: Rally for Rohingya

You seem to be hopelessly intoxicated in the 'Religion', specifically in anti-Muslim religion, to explain and understand all the world phenomenons !
That's a prejudiced man's overly simplifying attempt to explain complex things. 

When India sinks into the Hindu-fanaticism base politics, it targets the minority Muslim, even minority Christians. Sometimes lynching Muslims using excuses such as ridiculous beef-eating !!

Germany's NAZI party did the same with the Jews.

Surely some Arab country did persecute their own people !

Even USA did the same with the native Americans and the Blacks.

In all cases, different tools such religion,ethnicity, immigrants, skin colors were used to attain the end goal of power, greed, politics etc. India is using Hindu religion to commit its dirty jobs. Iran is using religion for its own power. Others are using other stuff such as USA used anti-communism mantra to support brutal dictators in Latin America.

The point is no religion , Hindu or Islam or Christianity is bad.  It's the bad people who use religion, skin color, ethnicity to attain their power goal are the bad thing here.  Saying something as bigoted as Islam is bad and root of all bad things is overly simplistic and totally wrong thing to say.

Just try to bring yourself into "freedom for all, justice for all" mantra, regardless of religion, color or ethnicity.

Peace !

On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 12:15 PM, DeEldar <> wrote:
Now, you are singing the gospel song of humanity and justice when Myanmar Budhists have taken a page from century old Muslim doctrine. Fully sanctioned by the Arabian God? The time has finally caught up with Muslims  Maybe, there is a silver lining from this sorry and sad episode? Maybe, this will make many Muslims and Muslim countries think twice before they torment their minorities.... and even their own clans?
Read history with care, dear! You do not care about any other religion except your own and that is finally backfiring. Even Europeans, Americans and Chinese are simply got tired of the very virulent breed that you represent. Change or ready to be changed! No good deed would go unpunished!

On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 11:04 AM, wasim khan <> wrote:
Mr DeEldar,
You must hate yourself. Because if there any hypocrites, you most certainly lead the pack.

The Rohingya are persecuted and targeted people for the fault of being Muslims.  When we all see them as people, people like you see them as "Muslim", ripe targets of your hate-bashing. If you stand for justice and freedom for people, regardless of ethnicity, religion and creed, your Rohinggy bashing and Rohingya hating contradict your claim.

We are against the persecution and oppression of any people, including Hindu, Boddho, Christeans. The 'people' is the key word here. 

Surely 71's Bangladesh have similarity. We're attacked and as a consequence took up arms.  Rohingyas have been under attack since 1940's.

Wasim Khan

On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 10:09 AM, DeEldar <> wrote:
I hate hypocrites, who have been congenital ethnic cleansers of minorities since the 7th century.  Muslims have failed in every departments of global progress and humanity. Now, it is the burden of others, infidels to save Muslims from more miseries? Muslims never accepted the principles of a pluralistic society, let alone separating the state from the religion. A Muslim is not even loyal to any modern state except to Allah and his/her own pure homogeneous Muslim state. Mass exodus of Muslims are happening from Middle-east, Asia and Africa from none other than pure Muslim dominated countries. Yes, Muslims are basically cleansing their own clans in the name of Allah and purity. Now, Rohingas want a state within another state because they have encroached that province in last 70 years? A separate Muslim state is a must??

1971 Bangladesh liberation is not the same as Myanmar situation. By all criteria, Bangladesh has become a second sovereign Pakistan. The tiger has only changed its stripe. No qualitative change as far as I can see. If you want to start another war with Myanmar, I say more power to you. Create another Syria there and face the  consequences!

As for Nazda clan, she is a totally witless woman with typical Bangladeshi quality. Speaks poorly and writes poorly even after serving so long with intelligent American democrats. Would she convince democratic Sanders/Hillary/Warren gang to declare a new jihad on Myanmar? You think Americans are ready to take that task seriously? My friend, tone down the violent rhetoric and talk with Myanmar and other parties. The days of swords are long gone.

No love love for infidel Malauns! 

On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 8:46 AM, wasim khan <> wrote:
Mr DeEldar,
You seem to be trying to justify genocide and ethnic cleansing  of Rohingya Muslims, just because they are Muslim ?
The 30/40/50 years of continuous killings and persecution of Rohingya is not enough to stand up resist ? Do you want them to be taking the persecution and ethnic cleansing forever ??

Did not Bangladesh take up arms on the face of mass-killings in 1971? Wearing uniform does not give anyone license to kill .

It appears that you do not like Muslims . You seem to have lost credibility when comes to any discussion of Muslim suffering.


On Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 11:03 PM, DeEldar <> wrote:
Nazda Alam is just another low IQ party animal with no leadership quality except the capacity of cooking some goat/beef curry, Basmati rice Polaui and Bangladeshi sweetmeats. Call her a big রসগোল্লা. The lady has no visible clout with any Bangladeshi Americans, let alone American gringo democrats. Mr. Khan got it right about this poor witless lady. The Rohinga problem is not new but when these people started to attack and kill Myanmar police, that crossed the line. The attack has alarmed many powerful countries and Rohingas being called the new terrorists of the town. A new Muslim war in Myanmar is not a good idea in the light of Muslims fleeing from their own countries due to their own misrule.... perpetrated by none other than their own despotic actors and leaders. Rohingas should lay down the arms and opt for peace. This war will bring disaster to Bangladeshi economical progress.

But then, who can convince these hot headed morons?     

On Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 9:37 PM, Khoniker Othithee <> wrote:
Yeah, Dont take it too personaliy , she may have a innocent resaons for.what  came accross obtrusive to some.

Some dont see the fine distinction between I and we, so take the liberty and  use one for  the other; so give them a pass.
On Sun, 9/10/17, rashed Anam <> wrote:

 Subject: {PFC-Friends} Re: Subject: Rally for Rohingya
 To: "wasim khan" <>
 Cc: "" <>, "Nazda" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>,, "" <>, "Bangladesh Islamic Center Of Massachusetts" <>, "Zoglul Husain" <>, "Mohammad Gani" <>, "S Akhter" <>, "Shah DeEldar" <>, "Khoniker Othithee" <>, "Mohamed Nazir" <>, "Muazzam Kazi" <>, "mokto mona" <>
 Date: Sunday, September 10, 2017, 9:18 PM

 No need to be so disrespectful ! You
 can air your disagreement in civil manner without attacking
 On Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at
 3:21 PM, wasim khan <>

 Really ? 
 Must everything have to be about you, Ms. Nazda Alam? The
 size of your substance-less  ego and urging of
 self-importance too big for even issues like Rohingya
 genocide ?

 always "I said, I did this, I have this, , I want this,
 " for you.  "I, me and myself". The queen of
 self-promotion always busy banging her own drum on the back
 of the community and lecturing community without actually
 doing anything specific for the community.

 exactly are you  bringing in the table ? You say,
 have a huge Bangladeshi Community in New
 An army of Bangladeshi ready to be deployed at your order
 ?  What are you waiting for ?

 say "
  Prime Minister of Bangladesh will be present with other
 high officials,
  and it could be possible to communicate with them directly
 in New York.
 Really? How are you going to communicate
 with Dictator Hasina? Even if we assume you BS is correct,
 what will you say to Hasina that is not already said ? 
 Give shelter to the Rohingya people ? BD is already forced
 to do so.

 Give specific and stop BS-ing. Don't
 try to exploit issues for own self-advancement without any
 actual help.  Do you have bus setup for take people to NY ?


 Sat, Sep 9, 2017 at 11:39 PM, Nazda Alam <

 Subject: Rally
 for Rohingya

 Dear Bangladeshi Community,  I
 am forwarding my e mail that I sent to Burma Task Force USA.
 I am part of the Burma Task Force organizing Committe.
 Please see my following  statement . I would like to invite
 you all to join with Burma Task Force for a rally in New
 York. Sept 19th is Tues day and a working day. We need to
 take time/day off from our work. We can have bus to go to
 New York  if we have enough people .This is  our chance to
 take a lead for an international platform. Please thinks
 about it and lets have conversation.We do not have enought
 time to make a commitment. Please  be quick . :"ASAK. I have been in contact in
 Bangladesh regularly on the  Rohingya issue. Bangladeshi
 people are overwhelmingly supporting the refugees and
 privately helping them as much as they can, but the need is
 enormous. Anyway, I have few things in my mind on Rohingya
 issues.The 72nd Regular Session of the UN General Assembly
 (UNGA72) will convene at UN Headquarters on Tuesday,
 September 12, 2017. The General Debate will open on Tuesday,
 19 of September 2017: with a focus on the
 theme, Focusing on People; Striving for
 Peace and decent Life for all on a sustainable
 am proposing to go to New York on the 19th for a rally in
 front of UN Headquarters for about 2 hours in the prime
 time. Burma Task Force, New York can arrange this and
 people from neighboring states can join.I have a huge
 Bangladeshi Community in New York; I can contact in case we
 need to. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh will be present
 with other high officials, and it could be possible to
 communicate with them directly in New York.  Next thing in my mind is to
 organize a fundraising event in Boston for Rohingyas
 Thanks."Nazda Alam weston,MA


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