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Monday, October 23, 2017

[mukto-mona] News & Views | As Trump 'Hysterics' Continue, US Moves to Put Nuclear B-52s on 24-Hour Alert

Nuke-armed bombers to "take off at a moment's notice" are unnecessary and reckless, say critics

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10/23/17 | Feature...

by Jake Johnson, staff writer
The Air Force's steps to prepare nuke-armed bombers to "take off at a moment's notice" are unnecessary and reckless, critics said

10/23/17 | News...

The $7.25 federal minimum is "a starvation wage that is not enough to keep working families out of poverty," argued Sen. Bernie Sanders

Why is it so hard for consumers to freeze their own credit? That's a question the senator would prefer we wouldn't have to ask.

Analyses show how demand for electric vehicles and rapidly falling renewable energy prices could take down oil and gas industry

Myeshia Johnson, whose husband was killed in action, said details made public last week were "not fabricated" and that Trump's tone was upsetting

Myeshia Johnson

Legendary artist and activist says "the nation is at the crossroads of probably our most challenging moment in history."

Harry Belafonte, seen here in 2010, said Friday that Hitler-like times are "not too far from our door." (Photo:  The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights/flickr/cc)

"They have a moral obligation to listen to us," says one community organizer, "to invest in sustainable energy projects which bring lasting growth and jobs not built on dying industries like coal and oil."

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10/23/17 | Views...

by Maria Beri
Every dollar going to one of the hedge funds that have bought up much of the islands' debt is a dollar taken away from saving lives

by Johanna Bozuwa
Powered by renewables, a resilient and sustainable system can be built that genuinely puts the Puerto Rican people in charge of their energy.

by Erica Etelson
There are numerous ways in which $80 billion could be wisely spent, but more weapons for war should not be among them

by Phil Rockstroh
What is the common prayer for those who cannot close themselves off from the agonized soul of the colonized world?

by Erik Edstrom
On the teaching of Revisionist History 101

by Robert Reich
When it comes to getting big money out of politics and ending crony capitalism, there's no right or left, and certainly no middle. There's just democracy or oligarchy.

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10/23/17 | Newswire...

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