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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Re: [ALOCHONA] The Father of "Crossfire in Bangladesh?

Ah Dear Sajjad:

You are now a great supporter of the Rule of LAW and Historical Determination. Life is full of surprises! 


Please do send me some of the dope you smoke! I want to be like you when I grow up!!!

Robin Khundkar

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From: Sajjad Hossain
Sent: Oct 20, 2009 1:44 PM
Subject: Re: [ALOCHONA] The Father of "Crossfire in Bangladesh?


Thank you dear great BAL supporter. OK I did not know that Sheikh Mujib got training for crossfire from the Razakars and Al Badr.
I am not shedding any tears for Siraj Sikder. Whether he was a killer or not that was a legal issue. If someone abides by the rule of law, Siraj Sikder should not have sent to crossfire. It was your great leader Sheikh Mujib who did not have any respect for rule of law. Therefore, he found only solution "extra judicial killing". He also ordered killing of more than 30,000 JSD workers. Anyway, there is something called "natural justice" and through that process this "Danob" was eleminated.


From: Robin Khundkar <>
Sent: Mon, October 19, 2009 12:36:05 PM
Subject: Re: [ALOCHONA] Who Pioneered "Crossfire in Bangladesh?


Dear Sajjad Hossain

Well if he did he must have learnt it from the Al Badrs and Al Shams Razakars and their foreign masters who refined it onto an art alongwith with total deniability! !!


Cross fire/encounter killings/extra judicial murders are a long standing tradition in the subcontinent. From Peshawar to Chittagong from Delhi to the tip of Sri Lanka!


I am curious at your shedding of crocodile tears at the death of Siraj Shikder the naxalite and a firm believer in the politics of annihilation. Do you really think he would shown you any mercy to hardcore communalists like you if he had ever come to power.


If you really do I want some of your Kool Aid!



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From: Sajjad Hossain
Sent: Oct 18, 2009 11:19 PM
To: alochona@yahoogroup
Subject: [ALOCHONA] Who Pioneered "Crossfire in Bangladesh?


Crossfire or extra-judicial killings are now-a-days very common practice among the so-called law enforcers.
However, when it was pioneered in the history of Bangladesh? The historical facts show that it was Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman ever first introduced
"Crossfire" in Bangladesh. The first victim of his Crossfire was Siraj Shikder. After his brutal killing, the so-called "Jatir Pita" shouted in the Parliament "Where is Siraj Shikder Now?". What a Pita who sent his son to be tortured and brutally killed!


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