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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Re: [mukto-mona] The faith of Idiots!

Make sense, isn't it? It's in every religions, not only in Christianity. In general, faithful people block natural thoughts by invoking sin.

Religions are, basically, run by human prophecies. Christianity used prophecies of Jesus, Islam used prophecies of Muhammad, Sonaton-Dharma used prophecies of Sri Chaitanya, etc.

In all these prophecies, role of God was quite limited. Mostly, God was used to punish non-faithful and reward faithful. I find this fearmongering/rewarding technique similar to that parents use, invoking monsters, to make their kids follow a set of norms and manner. Only difference is, when kids grow up, they do not need monsters any longer to be compliant, but, faithful still needs God to remain compliant.

Jiten Roy

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For a true faithful the mind is closed for business. A short and crisp sermon from a high priest!


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