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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

[mukto-mona] Re: {PFC-Friends} Indian secularism :One In Every Four Beggars In India Is Muslim [1 Attachment]

[Attachment(s) from Syed Mirza [mukto-mona] included below]

Dear Captain Razzak Syed,

I am a late comer in this thread and I can see you are encircled and ridiculed by some unruly kaffirs who never learned about real Islam, as you do, and they also do not have the knowledge about the great reward you are going to get in the luxurious and lustful Islamic heaven in the 7th sky. Attached is one authentic article on the 'Islamic heaven' which should be read by you just to know what kind of Islamic rewards are waiting for you in the heaven prepared by Allah (SWT). This article must also be read by all those 'al-Kaffiruns' who are arguing with you to know the secret why you Mr. Captain Razzak Syed is holding the holy string of Islamic belief so strongly. Here is just one great sample holy reward waiting in the Islamic heaven for the pucca Musalmans like Captain Syed. Please read it to get the taste of Islamic rewards waiting from Allah:  

The Sex Market of Heaven (Islamic brothel) according to Ihya Uloom Ed-Din:


Allah has arranged for Pious Muslims a non-stop and non-interrupted sex in Islamic heavens because Mullahs will remain busy only with unlimited sex and wine for billions of years to come. These are rewards from the merciful Allah for killing and torturing those enemies of Allah by Mumeen Muslims.


In the Hadiths the Prophet Muhammad gave the believers a final choice of a open sex market in heaven where there will be no limit of the number of sexual partners. Women are in display like open fruit market.  Hadith:  Al hadiths, Vol. 4, Page-172, No.34:  Hozrot Ali (r.a) narrated that the Apostle of Allah said, "There is in paradise an open market wherein there will be no buying or selling, but will consist of men and women. When a man desires a beauty, at once he will have intercourse with them as desired.


In this open sex market of heaven one can easily imagine what type of fun is going to happen there. Say one particular day of heaven—one very pious Muslim (who prayed five times a day and visited Mecca) who has been permitted to the best of Islamic heaven. There one day he decided to visit (out of curiosity) the famous sex market of heaven, and when he reached there, he found out that all his great great grandfathers,  grandfather,  father, brothers also were there visiting "Islamic Brothel" called heavenly sex market.  Now, they all got excited by the paragon beauty of heavenly houris with very swollen breasts, dark eyes and fair skin. The great great grandfather will command all his descendents family members to feel free to enjoy the sweet taste of houris. In that case the great great grandfathers, grandfather, father, brothers—they all will start simultaneous orgy of sexual intercourse right in front of each others. Can you imagine that terrific scenery folks?  Allah is really great and merciful indeed!


Now Some Descriptions of Houris from Quran and hadiths:


Quran-(78: 33-34) The houris are ever-young full-breasted (mature) maidens of equal age having swelling (protruding/pointed) bosoms, and a full cup of wine."

Quran- (55:56): "Wherein both will be Qasirat-ut-Tarf (chaste females restraining their glances, desiring none except their husband) with whom no man or jinni has had tamth before them."

Please read the entire article (attached) to know how great and wonderful rewards are waiting for the pucca muslims like you and also for those pure Jihadists like ISIS guys who are hell bent to destroy all Kaffiruns (Israel and America) to establish the land of pure Islam throughout the entire world of Allah (SWT). These ISIS jihadists are performing holy suicide as per the Allah's instruction given in the verse: 9:111 which is key instruction from Allah (SWT) for all Jihadists.  Hope you will keep your Imaan strong and solid so that you can enjoy this 'Sex Market' prepared by Merciful Allah (SWT) in the Heaven in the 7th sky. Good luck to you.



On Sun, Aug 7, 2016 at 5:02 PM, Razzak Syed <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Khorshed Sarkar,
                         Certainly I do agree, fearing Allah(SWT), I shouldn't be abusive and I regret to loose my temper, mostly due to humiliating n disrespectful comments against my faith n my country by others, specially by the people with fake identity. 

Let me clear my views, I m blind to my faith with my full conscience, I grateful to my Lord for his blessings. I will not be judged by my highest academic degrees, not on my efficiency on any language, nor my status achieved in this life, I shall be asked for my faith and trust on my Lord and whether any of my actions violated the 'Rule of Obedience' dictated by him n guided by his beloved Prophet(SAW).

Quran is book for guidance only, it doesn't give you theory or formulas for equations. We believe, Archimedes invented 'Rule of Buoyancy' when he was taking bath, what about the Ark of Noah(AWS)? we believe Newton invented 'Rule of Gravity', what about the hanging garden mentioned in the Quran? We can go on and on. 

I am blind in Quran because, it's a condition clearly stated on first line of Surah Al-Bakarah. It's for my benefit to be blind because it's mentioned on the last line of last Surah. Alhamdulillah, I read each chapter with meanings with open heart to know truth, to seek knowledge, to be guided and Alhamdulillah, when I compared every single line with the incident experienced in my life and visible evidences around the world, I can't deny that this book is a guidance from my Lord, my creator, the one and only one "Allah(SWT)".

I also believe, I can't look down upon others but I have moral obligation to defend my faith n my nation. Therefore, I get upset when someone criticises my faith with the attitude of 'Bullying n Humiliation'. 

I fear Allah(SWT) because I know, he my creator and every single moment I need his mercy. 

I fear Saitan(Devil) because he is my biggest enemy and every single moment he is trying to push me towards ashtray. 

Therefore, I can't be proud of myself at any time though I know, blessings I have received from my Lord. I have no problem how much you criticise my abilities and knowledge, because I know myself n my abilities.  

May Allah(SWT) guide us all.

Capt. Razzak A. Syed

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On 8 Aug 2016, at 5:40 AM, Msa40 <> wrote:

"Al-Razi made fundamental and enduring contributions to the fields of  Medicine, alchemy, and philosophy, recorded in over 184 books
and articles in various fields of science."
Mr. Chowdhury,
I am curious: where and who had published his books?
And are his books still preserved, studied and used now for advancing medical science?
Mohammad Asghar
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Subject: RE: {PFC-Friends} Indian secularism :One In Every Four Beggars In India Is Muslim

Dear Captain,
I do not care what kind of Captain you are but let me request you to have tolerance, courtesy, and respects to everybody in this thread who are voluntarily participating in this intellectual discourse. No need of attacking or calling somebody "bastard" or any foul name calling either. Let us stay in the subject of discussion from which we all can learn from each other. Please try to heed the good advice of Dr. mahfuzur Rahman who must be the most respected senior person amongst us. We should have respect for each other please!
Attachment is one good article on the subject of 'Islamic Golden Age' from which we all can learn a lot about the actual history of "Islamic Golden Age". In this long article the author described about the life story of 12 famous ancient Luminaries who were the most famous inventors about the ancient science, philosophy, and many other subjects. I read this article many times but could not find anybody among those many ancient luminaries ever said that—they found any trace of science in the Islamic Holy book called: Koran. But, I found a lot of criticisms about the religions and especially about the Koranic Mumbo-Jumboos from many of those ancient luminaries. Below is the brief summary from one of the greatest luminaries which I have pasted a portion of it from the very article (above) which I read several times. Please read below only the portion but you can read his entire comments in the article which is very interesting indeed.  His comments tells the real truth that—those ancient so called Islamic scientists never learn/found any sort of modern science from any religion including Islam. Please read the portion of his comments below:
Abū Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakarīya al-Rāzi (865-925): was a Persian physician, philosopher, and scholar. According to al-Biruni he was born in  Rayy, Iran the year 865 AD and died there in 925 AD. He was perhaps the greatest Muslim-born scientist in the whole of Islamic world. He was one of the great physicians of all times. Al-Razi made fundamental and enduring contributions to the fields of  Medicine, alchemy, and philosophy, recorded in over 184 books and articles in various fields of science. He was well-versed in Greek and Indian Medical knowledge and added substantially to them from his own observations.  He is the author of the monumental encyclopedia al Hawi, on which he worked for fifteen years. Now, let us read what al-Razi thought about religions in general. 
On Religion:  Al-Razi wrote three books dealing with religion:  (1) The Prophet's Fraudulent Tricks, (2) The Stratagems of Those Who Claim to Be Prophets (Arabic حيل المتنبيين), and (3) On the Refutation of Revealed Religions (Arabic مخارق الانبياء). He offered harsh criticism concerning religions, in particular those religions that claim to have been revealed by prophetic experiences.
About Prophets al-Razi wrote: "The prophets—these billy goats with long beard, (as Ar Razi disdainfully describes them)—cannot claim any intellectual or spiritual superiority. These billy goats pretend to come with a message from God, all the while exhausting themselves in spouting their lies, and imposing on the masses blind obedience to the "words of the master." The miracles of the prophets are impostures, based on trickery, or the stories regarding them are lies. The falseness of what all the prophets say is evident in the fact that they contradict one another: one affirms what the other denies, and yet each claims to be the sole depository of the truth; thus the New Testament contradicts the Torah, the Koran the New Testament. As for the Koran, it is but an assorted mixture of 'absurd and inconsistent fables,' which has ridiculously been judged inimitable, when, in fact, its language, style, and its much-vaunted 'eloquence' are far from being faultless."  According to Albert Hourani, "he laid emphasis on reason as the sole guide, and dismissed revelation a false and religion a dangerous."  ………….
Interestingly, muslims are way behind the people of every other religion or race in the subject of science yet, quite shamelessly it is the muslims only who are always making false claims just like our Captain in this thread. This false pride of Muslims has started only after the dishonest claims made about Islamic science by the most unscrupulous France doctor named Morris Bucailee with his bogus science he found in Koran. However, I urge you all to read the article to know the secret of ancient scientific achievements. Many thanks to all.
Khurshed Chowdhury
From: Razzak Syed []
Sent: Sunday, August 07, 2016 12:52 AM
To: Msa40
Subject: Re: {PFC-Friends} Indian secularism :One In Every Four Beggars In India Is Muslim
Good on you champs. You should know that Kalima doesn't complete without 'Muhammadur Rasul Ullah'. Therefore, to know actual context of the Ayah in the Quran, it's require to consult Hadith along with  Tafseer. 
In response to following from Mr. Mahfuzur:
He calls them ignorants and barbaric who would not hear or listen without realising that in the very verse he quotes God has " thrown veils on their hearts so they understand it not, and deafness in their ears;" If Almighty God has already made them incapable of understanding and hearing, how can Captain Syed blame them?
Every soul promised to obey Allah's order, as they grew up, every individual given opportunity to know Allah(SWT), it's a spiritual relationship between the 'Slave and his Master', every has hunger to accomplish their physical desire, if someone has hunger to know 'Purpose of Life', to know creator, Insha-Allah, he will see the light of Allah's guidance.
I am sorry for grammatical mistakes, simply I don't revise my writings, because I believe, everyone understand the context of the message, I don't need to prove my skills or establish academic excellence in the forum. To me, it's a waste of time.
Also your depth of knowledge are proven, 'Captain' not only restricted to Army or Navy.

Capt. Razzak A. Syed
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On 7 Aug 2016, at 1:16 PM, Msa40 <> wrote:
Here is an addition of mine:
Capt. Syed is in army or navy's active service. If his colleagues share his views, I must say may Allah save the institution he serves!!
Mohammad Asghar
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Subject: Re: {PFC-Friends} Indian secularism :One In Every Four Beggars In India Is Muslim
    Here are some thoughts of mine on Captain (army or navy) Syed's tirade. Let me begin with his sentence starting with "These bastards..." Apart from the absence of a cilvil tongue in his head, it seems to me that the man is very loosely educated. He has three silly grammatical mistakes in that single sentence. But let me come to the substance of some of his arguments. 
    He quotes verse 6:25 from the Koran to damn people who dare to take issue with him. He calls them ignorants and barbaric who would not hear or listen without realising that in the very verse he quotes God has " thrown veils on their hearts so they understand it not, and deafness in their ears;" If Almighty God has already made them incapable of understanding and hearing, how can Captain Syed blame them? He seems quite unfamiliar with the matter of predestination in the Koran in the first place and the intricate questions it raises. 
   Coming to "Islamic science," the man suffers from the same kind of illusion as most of his ilk do. Of course there were eminent men in the fields of science, mathematics and philosophy in the Islamic world. But their achievements had nothing to do Islam or the Koran. They just happened to be Muslims. The mathematician al-Khwarizimi just happened to be a Muslim who made important contributions in Algebra. Omar Khayyam, mathetician, astronomer, and poet, happened to be Muslim, and that too of not a very conventional kind.  These men had nothing to learn from the Koran. So many Muslims go about priding themselves over "Islamic science" and "Islamic scientists" without realising this simple truth. On the other hand, in recent past, there was an eminent Muslim nuclear scientist in Pakistan, a Nobel laureate, who was stripped of his status as a Muslim, which action obviously did not diminish his greatness. 
  Incidentally, I would very much appreciate Captain Syed  writing a few sentences of substantive information on Al-Chemi and Al- Jubair, (along with sources) for my benefit . I know nothing about these personalities and their inventions.
  I fully agree with Mohammad Asghar on his contention that one should require no tafsir to understand the Koran. The  book says about itself in a number of places that it is a book that is easy to understand, kitabun mubeen.
  Finally, Khurshed Chowdhury, whether a true Muslim or not, knows his Koran.
Mahfuzur Rahman
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Subject: Re: {PFC-Friends} Indian secularism :One In Every Four Beggars In India Is Muslim
Why should I read the Quran with Tafsir when Allah says it is a clear and easy Book for all to understand?
Are you a Navy or Army Captain, sir?
Mohammad Asghar
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Subject: Re: {PFC-Friends} Indian secularism :One In Every Four Beggars In India Is Muslim
    Read Quran with Tafsir. I m not going to waste my time to spoon feed you. Even if I give the evidence, yet you will not believe it, as per Surah 'Al-Maeda',  there were ignorant people like you, who used listen to Prophet (SAW) or the previous prophets brought evidence, who use to deny the truth. 
May Allah(SWT) guide us n protect us from these devils.
Capt. Razzak A. Syed
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On 7 Aug 2016, at 7:19 AM, Msa40 <
> wrote:
"... where Allah (SWT) mentioned about invention of Medicine by Lokman (AWS), Hanging Garden, Marble floor of Soleman (AWS), till today your modern
science couldn't figure out how it's done. Also chemical used for Mummy's during Ferro's not known."
The Hanging Garden is still running and dandy in Saudi Arabia. Marble floor was copied in Masjidul Nabi. Lokman's medicine is still prescribed by the
Muslim doctors. Muslims do use the same chemical, which invented by al-Chemi for the mummification of their dead!
The internet Syed is using was invented by Allama al-Saba al-fata al-khala al fana fillah alhaj al-Bukhari Peace be upon him). Harami infidels just copied
and provided it to Muslims like Syed!
Salatunia Rasoolallah alaikum
Salamunia Habibullah Alaikum
Mohammad Asghar
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Mr. KC,
          Al-Chemi and Al-Jubair were Egyptians Muslims born after the prophet (SAW), therefore, their names need not be mentioned in the Quran. 
However, if you are a true muslim, then must have read the Surah 'Lokman',  Surah 'Sabah' where Allah (SWT) mentioned about invention of Medicine by Lokman (AWS), Hanging Garden, Marble floor of Soleman (AWS), till today your modern science couldn't figure out how it's done. Also chemical used for Mummy's during Ferro's not known. 
So don't be proud, your generations aren't only best generation of human being, there more powerful human beings were created n crushed due to their disobedience of Allah(SWT). Be fear of Allah(SWT).
May Allah(SWT) guide us.
Capt. Razzak A. Syed
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On 6 Aug 2016, at 11:05 PM, Khurshed Chowdhury <
> wrote:
I wonder out of which Koranic verses ancient luminaries like: Al-Jubair and Al-Chemi did invent advance science? Could anybody bring those verses or Hadiths, or source from Islamic text books? Also wondering if those ancient luminaries were believers of Islam? I thought—religions are anti-science! I am totally puzzled how science and religion can sleep in the same bed? Could anybody help me?
From: Razzak Syed []
Sent: Friday, August 05, 2016 4:28 PM
Cc: bangladesh-progressives googlegroups;; ANISUR RAHMAN; Mahfuzur Rahman; Khurshed Chowdhury
Subject: Re: {PFC-Friends} Indian secularism :One In Every Four Beggars In India Is Muslim
These bustard's will always argue, even they knows Muslims are like Al-Jubair, Al-Chemi, are the inventors of advance science, that's why Allah(SWT) mentioned several places in the Quran about these ignorants n barbaric:
"তাদের কেউ কেউ আপনার দিকে কান লাগিয়ে থাকে। আমি তাদের অন্তরের উপর আবরণ রেখে দিয়েছি যাতে একে না বুঝে এবং তাদের কানে বোঝা ভরে দিয়েছি। যদি তারা সব নিদর্শন অবলোকন করে তবুও সেগুলো বিশ্বাস করবে না। এমনকি, তারা যখন আপনার কাছে ঝগড়া করতে আসে, তখন কাফেররা বলেঃ এটি পুর্ববর্তীদের কিচ্ছাকাহিনী বৈ তো নয়।"

Capt. Razzak A. Syed
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On 5 Aug 2016, at 11:41 PM, Shah DeEldar <
> wrote:
"The Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth had said recently in London that science has a religious dignity. The Archbishop of Canterbury circumvented the conflict by saying that Darwin's theory of evolution is the most enthralling of ideas worthy of embracing. But Islam steadfastly refuses to accept scientific knowledge and values."- A. Rahman
You sum up very well... what really needs to be said politely and forcefully. What is Islamist really afraid of? Truth? How nature works? How it is governed strict natural laws? Can Muslims still afford to be ignorant about our world and universe? Yes as long as they intimidate people not to ask right questions. The current path is very much self defeating and results are finally showing up in the form of poor performance and human miseries.

Muslim leaders have virtually missed all the trains in every sector except going for an illusive and obsolete Islamic purity. Muslims have become whiners than real doers like Jews and Christians. Comically, one single Physics Nobel laureate (Salam) is not even considered as a real Muslim. Some zealots in Pakistan have even defaced his grave stone to dishonor this great mind. Such is the Muslim love for science and a Physics genius? Would it take another century for Muslims to detect the cardinal problem that Jews/Christians detected few centuries ago?
On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 12:02 PM, ANISUR RAHMAN <> wrote:
Leaving aside personal insinuation as being the India lover and Bangladesh hater, or the other way round, as some people had been brandishing others, let's get to the crux of the problem. Muslims as a whole are not great achievers. In fact, they are the under-achievers. On the other hand, Jews being less than one hundredth of the number of Muslims have achieved far, far more than the Muslims. 
More than three years ago I published the an article (given below) in the  as an op-ed. Please have a look and see where our problem lies.
- AR 
A. Rahman
Why Muslims are retrogressive?
June 13, 2013
Photo: Reuters
It may be iniquitous to compartmentalise monotheistic religions into separate blocks in order to evaluate individual religion's successes and failures. But this is exactly what this article aims to do, notwithstanding the sentimental or emotional attachments of ardent religious adherents. In this pursuit, Islam is going to be taken for the special attention (as the author is a Muslim) to decipher its achievements vis-à-vis other monotheistic religions. The purpose is definitely not to denigrate any religion but to seek out the causes for difference in achievements.
Among the three monotheistic (Abrahamic) religions, Christianity with all its sects and denominations is the largest religious group. Nearly 30 per cent of world population of 7 billion people is Christian (nearly 2 billion). They are also most successful in science and technology, art and literature and in almost all other human intellectual pursuits. But this success does not derive from their numerical advantage but by their willingness to adopt, adapt and assimilate views and ideas of the day. Christianity did go through the internecine religious conflicts over the centuries but those were in the middle ages. Those conflicts were not only between the various factions (or denominations) of the Christian religion but also between the religion and the State. The dawn of 'Age of Enlightenment' led to some sort of tacit understanding between the State and the religion whereby State had become responsible for political, social, economic, military, etc. matters and the religion became the standard bearer of moral codes and numinous attitude of the populace. In other words, religion was not the gate keeper of all things human nor was it the 'be all and end all' of human conscience. In other words, some sort of secularity was instilled in Christian countries.
This separation of duties between State and the religion had released human energy from destructive conflicts to constructive pursuits. Scientific research and development, astronomical advancement, industrial revolution, modern art and literature, are all due to human endeavour devoted to improvement of human knowledge and conditions without the distraction of religious in-fight.
Photo: (used in 'Does Islam need reforming?'
Leaving Christianity aside, one can say that Islam and Judaism are more or less on the same platform – adherents of both of these religions are extremely devotional and many of them are emotionally attached. So a valid comparison between these two religions may lead to some meaningful conclusions.
Both of these religions originated roughly in the same geographical area — Makkah and Canaan in the Middle East. Needless to say, Judaism is the precursor to Islam and many of the rituals from Judaism had been assimilated in Islam, either verbatim or with some modifications. The Jewish prophets – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and so forth are also prophets in Islam. The commonality between Islam and Judaism is remarkable.
Despite these ancestral links, these two religions have mutual antipathy and divergent outlook. In political, social, economic and technical fields as well as in arts and literature or any other field of human endeavour, Jews have been far more successful than the Muslims. How did this wide disparity between these two religious adherents come about in the present-day world? This disparity in achievement becomes even acute when the numbers of Muslims and Jews of the present day world are taken into account.
There are 1,500 million Muslims in the world as against only 15 million Jews. Thus for every single Jew in the world, there are nearly 100 Muslims. Whereas in 49 sovereign States in the world, Muslims are in majority and run those States, there is only one State — Israel — where Jews are in majority and run that State. There are countries such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran and so forth where more than 99 per cent of the population are Muslims. Even in some non-Muslim countries there are large Muslim population. There are about 6 million Jews in Israel and over 8 million in north and south Americas. There are some 1,000,000 or so Jews scattered around European countries and in other countries such as Egypt, Syria and Lebanon.
One measure of achievement by these two religious groups can be judged by the number of Nobel prizes received by them. The Nobel prizes, the most prestigious awards in the world, are awarded in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature and Peace Studies since 1901 and in Economics since 1969. The Jews received more than 22 per cent of all Nobel prizes, although they constitute just over 0.2 per cent of world population. Last year, Jews received Nobel prizes in both physics (shared) and chemistry (shared). Altogether Jews received 173 Nobel prizes until today, while carrying out research works in various countries, sometimes under hostile conditions. On the other hand, Muslims received only 10 Nobel prizes, (1 in Physics, 1 in Chemistry, 2 in literature and 6 in peace studies), while making up 20 per cent of the world population. It may be noted that the peace prizes are awarded primarily on socio-political grounds which have impacts on the society, not so much on intellectual prowess. If peace studies are excluded from the tally of prizes, Jews had hauled 164 prizes whereas Muslims had only 4 prizes. Thus the Jews are more than 40 times more successful in winning Nobel prizes (excluding peace prizes) than the Muslims, although constituting only one hundredth of Muslim population!
But this shear number of Nobel prizes does not do full justice to the contributions the Jews had made to the world of science. Albert Einstein, the most celebrated and influential scientist, was a Jew. Other most renowned Jewish physicists were Wolfgang Pauli (Pauli Exclusion Principle), Niels Bohr (Bohr Atomic Model), Max Born (Quantum Theorist), Richard Feynman (Quantum Mechanics) – all of them made monumental contributions to modern physics. Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Milton Friedman were also Jews. The contributions the Jews made in the fields of science and literature are truly astounding.
The reason why Jews are highly successful may be that they have high respect for knowledge and they have single minded approach to success. Jews during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries were dispersed throughout the whole of Europe as they had no homeland of their own and their survival in the society depended on their success. During the early part of 20th century, the Jews excelled in science and literature in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, the UK and so forth. Almost all the reputable German academic institutions were headed by Jews in the 1920s and 1930s, all major medical establishments were under Jewish control, art and literature were dominated by Jews. Their domination was so complete that Hitler realised that German supremacy and Aryan culture could not be revived without getting rid of Jews. He used to view Jews as leeches, which suck out life blood from the host body. The Nazi regime started deporting and exterminating Jews. The Gottingen University, the cradle of quantum mechanics, was completely dominated by Jewish physicists and mathematicians. The Nazi minister of education asked David Hilbert, a prominent non-Jew mathematician in charge of the Institution, that whether it was true that the Institution suffered from the departure of Jews and their friends. "Suffered? No, Herr Minister, it did not suffer. It just does not exist anymore", replied Prof Hilbert.
As against such excellence among the Jews in the 19th and 20th centuries (as well as in the 21st century), the Muslims throughout the world had moved in the opposite direction. Instead of striving for excellence in human endeavour, they shunned the western science, education, literature and culture. In the Indian Subcontinent in the 19th century, Muslims, as a show of defiance to British Raj, took the conscious decision to boycott British education and adopted religious education instead. Only during the beginning of 20th century, Muslims realised that without education they could not rid themselves of the colonial yoke and they accepted education reluctantly.
Many of the Muslim theologians of today, taking cue from the past when Islam was at the forefront of science and civilization, advocate going back to the roots and adopt religion whole heartedly. Hardly do they realise that when Islam was at the forefront during the 9th to 13th centuries, they adopted science and technology, art and literature of the day whole heartedly and pursued them vigorously; they did not seek out scientific knowledge from the holy book of Quran and Hadith. Due to lapse of attention during the fading years of Islamic glory, the mantle of science and civilization had slipped away from the Muslims to the western world.
The other two religions (Christianity and Judaism) tacitly accepted the reality of the modern world and positioned them accordingly. The Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth had said recently in London that science has a religious dignity. The Archbishop of Canterbury circumvented the conflict by saying that Darwin's theory of evolution is the most enthralling of ideas worthy of embracing. But Islam steadfastly refuses to accept scientific knowledge and values.
Dr A. Rahman is an author of a graduate and post-graduate text book for British and European Universities and a columnist on scientific and social issues.
On Wednesday, 3 August 2016, 16:22, Post Card <> wrote:
He didn't get it!
Ha, ha, ha, the elderly p is losing his neuron connections.
On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 11:05 AM, Shah DeEldar <> wrote:
The cruel truth has been delivered  Being perpetually witless and shameless creatures would not bring riches and prosperity unless people start robbing and plundering others. But, then again, we live in 21st century, where Knowledge is the key and not an impotent God!. 

On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 10:43 AM, Post Card <
> wrote:
Do you need a fraud, in this case an elderly fraud with a fake name to explain the difference between right and wrong? What a shameless mouth or simply no mouth but...? This mukto mona (wrongly understood) man doesn't get it but can reply to us only using abusive terms!!!!
On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 9:58 AM, Shah DeEldar <> wrote:
God fearing alone does not bring knowledge and prosperity! Count how many Jews have gotten Nobel prizes so far for their contributions to the world knowledge and prosperity with lesser God fearing. Does it ring any bell where the problem lies?
On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 3:41 AM, RANU CHOWDHURY <> wrote:
"This is what blind faith makes a man - a beggar."--AR 
This remark is an insult  to one billion god fearing Muslims the world over.

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There was a Sachar Commission report a few tears back. If the GOI  had implemented at least some of the recommendati0ons, the percentage of Muslim beggars could very well have been lower.

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I think, there is no fantastic message in this report. The 20 per cent Muslims make up 25 per cent beggars, what is so abnormal in it? If anything, it only shows that the Muslims are lazy, don't want to work and have chosen the path of begging in the name of God. 
The man in the picture seems to be quite in good health. But wearing tupi and good clothes, he gives the impression of a respectable man. But probably he has no vocation, no knowledge, except ability to recite some Quranic verses (without understanding) and praying to God. This is what blind faith makes a man - a beggar. 
- AR 
On Saturday, 30 July 2016, 6:18, Isha Khan <> wrote:

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